High Media Infotainment India Ltd.
News Paper
High Media Infotainment India Limited (HMIIL) is one of the stars in the galaxy of Media and Entertainment industry in India. The company specializes in a wide array of the Media and Entertainment industry and is present across Print, Broadcast and FM since 2005.

UTTARER SARADIN, our presence in print, is a popular newspaper in North Bengal. It is a morning daily, and through its strong editorial insights and reader friendly format, UTTARER SARADIN has been able to become a household name in North Bengal. It has a very dedicated and strong reader base.

RADIO HIGH 92.7 FM, is one of the most popular FM stations of North Bengal. With a wide variety of good mix of interesting programmes, it has something for every member of the family and is favorite FM station.

Recently launched HIGH NEWS, in a very short time, has been able to build a very strong perception, through its uncompromising approach and credible presentation of news. In this highly competitive news environment, HIGH NEWS today has become a brand to reckon with.